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Take a step towards breaking all limits today with bespoke banking that puts you first. Our array of innovative financial solutions is designed to give you the edge in business and lifestyle banking.

  • Treasury Products

    Global Currencies

    Enjoy our wide array of expertly crafted global currency products backed by our best-in-class technology and service delivery Global Currencies

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    Liquidity Management Services

    Our highly skilled market professionals are on hand to provide you with liquidity management strategies to fit your unique requirements

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    Treasury Bills

    As a Top 5 ranked Bank in trading volumes for Nigeria Treasury/OMO bills and bonds, our team is a preferred financial partner in executing money market transactions.

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    Local and Foreign Currency Bonds

    Achieve your medium-term to long-term investment objectives with investments in Local and Foreign Currency Bonds

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    Term Deposits

    Earn competitive returns on your excess cash with tenors that match your financial horizon

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    Commercial Papers and Notes

    Attain your short term investment goals with Commercial Papers

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    Fixed Income

    Achieve capital gains, earn income, and preserve your wealth with our custom fixed income solutions tailored to meet your investment goals. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals work to deliver to you risk managed and cost-effective fixed income solutions. Diversify your portfolio by purchasing local and foreign currency bonds at market leading rates and enjoy attractive yields on your investments.

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    We work with our clients to achieve their investment objectives through fixed-income investments. These investments provide an established return on a fixed schedule to our clients and often offer tax-free returns on the local, state and federal levels.

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  • Accounts

  • Lending

Our specialist advisory and services team provide an exclusive and high quality Private Banking service.