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With over 38 years of professional experience in market investments, real estate ownership and management, evaluation, selection, and implementation, Mr. Afolabi Odetunde has earned multiple client awards for extraordinary efforts and top performances in Nigeria, the USA, and Canada.

Mr. Afolabi Odetunde began his work experience at the Lagos State Polytechnic as a lecturer in the Finance and Banking Department. He later worked in various financial institutions worldwide, including the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC Mellon Global Securities Ltd, and most recently, ETV Group of Companies, Canada, where he served as the President/Group CEO for 23 years.

Mr. Afolabi Odetunde holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from the University of Lagos and has a Master’s degree with a specialization in corporate finance from the same university. He has attended several management and professional programs, as well as computer software seminars and courses in North America and Europe. He joined the Board of Coronation Life Assurance Limited in May 2023.