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You Are Responsible For Loss Or Damage in the Building You Occupy - Not Your Landlord

Coronation Insurance

23 May 2022 · Thought Leadership Articles


In 2021, a tragic incident occurred during the installation of a new elevator in Cocoa House, Ibadan and it resulted in the death of one of the technicians working on the project, while three others sustained injuries. If you were a business owner renting an office space in the building and one of your guests sustained an injury or, worse, who would be held liable?

Even if you do not own the building where you operate your business, you can still be held liable for injury or damage suffered by other parties visiting the building. Occupiers’ liability cover, also known as  public liability insurance, can protect you from being sued for death, injury or property damage by paying  any legal fees and/or compensation if you are sued by an aggrieved party

Legally, the occupier is the person or organization that has taken possession of the property for public use over an agreed period. Most Nigerians believe that if they rent a building, the landlord is responsible for any injury or damage that occurs on the property.


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