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Choose the option that suits your needs

Our policy protects you against the financial impact of your goods being damaged or lost during transportation via air, land or sea.

  • Cover is from warehouse-to-warehouse

    Our insurance plans provide cover your goods from the point they leave your warehouse, till they get to their final destination – protection all the way.

  • Annual open marine cover

    We give you an open marine cover for all your goods. This automatically insures your shipments on specific terms, conditions and rates so you don’t need to contact us every time – insurance more convenient for you.

  • Financial compensation

    We offer you financial compensation for damages caused to your goods

  • Replacement of insured goods

    Stolen goods shouldn’t put you out of business; that’s why we provide you the option to replace your stolen goods.

  • Damages to your goods

    We offer you compensation for damage(s) to your goods caused by accidents in transit

Why Marine Insurance from Coronation?

Our Marine Insurance gives you so much more

Free risk profiling

We don’t just offer protection for your cargo, we go a step further. With Coronation, you enjoy free professional advice from industry experts to help you manage your business better.

Unrivaled claims payment

We settle all claims within 48 hours. More speed from us to provide more efficiency for you.


We’re a team dedicated to supporting you and your business. Just call when you need us, and you can be sure that we’d be there for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do when I have a Claim?

    To lodge your claim with Coronation Insurance please visit www.coronationinsurance.com.ng. Kindly notify us of your claim by clicking on the Claim Section, fill your claims details, policy number, estimate of repairs and click submit. Alternatively, you can send a notification mail to contactcentregh@coronationinsurance.com.ng

  • What claims are covered by Marine Insurance?

Types of Marine Insurance

Choose the type of Marine insurance that best suits your business needs
  • Institute Cargo Clause A

    ICC A

    This covers “all risks” except specified exclusions. The scope of this cover will include; breakages, damages and shortages etc. which basically exclude only;

  • Institute Cargo Clause C

Additional covers that could support your business

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